Demountable car park system

HILL & SMITH GROUP – Demountable car park system

Top Deck is a demountable car parking deck that can be erected in a matter of days. This innovative, modular steel system is safe and easy-to-use. The use of the industry standard 2.4 metre bay format allows it to mirror existing car park configurations which, together with the clear span structure, minimises the loss of existing spaces.

Unlike other systems, Top Deck’s watersealed, anti-skid, grit-coat surface looks and feels just like a permanent deck. In fact, although it is a temporary structure, permanent standards have been adhered to wherever relevant.

Top Deck is a full service system, including survey, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance. A variety of options are available to suit your individual needs.

These include ground and top floor lighting, pedestrian lift, stand-alone power, bespoke safety systems with corporate branding and a fully managed rainwater system. If you need to expand current capacity or replace part of an existing car park that is temporarily out of action, Top Deck provides the perfect solution – and it is available to rent or buy.