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    Soil Erosion / Greenfix Mulchmat

    SOILTEC Since 1984, SOILTEC has been at the forefront of erosion control and soil stabilization, pioneering the use of natural biodegradable materials in Greenfix range of products. Our commitment to environmentally friendly solutions has led us to utilize materials such as Barley Straw, Coir, Jute, and Wool to address erosion control and soil stabilization challenges.

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    Car park barrier systems

    HILL & SMITH GROUP Car park barrier systems BERRY SYSTEMS is a leading supplier of safety barriers and related products aiming at protecting people, buildings, vehicles and plant equipment. The comprehensive range includes vehicle barriers, bollards, parking posts, access control barriers, and speed restraints. There are also developed specialised products, designed to safeguard columns, lighting

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    Wooden Guardrails-TERTU

    TERTU is a global leader in manufacturing high-quality wooden infrastructure products that comply with European Norms. The product range is divided into three main categories: Safety, Protections, and Crossings. These categories include a variety of products such as sound barriers, guardrails, pedestrian crossings, gangways, and decking. To ensure the highest quality, TERTU source Douglas Fir

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    VALTIR Crash Cushions

    INNOVATION Valtir is an industry leader in the guardrail and end treatment business, and take several important steps to ensure the manufacturing of outstanding highway products. To stay at the forefront of innovation, Valtir collaborates with a diverse group of outside investors and transportation research institutions, leveraging the latest available technology. This allows the company

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    Wooden Noise Barriers

      The absorbing barrier is particularly recommended whenever the installation of a sound barrier risks creating a “resonance box” or when the sound returned by the barrier causes further problems. Absorbing barriers come in standard modules of 4.00m in length for a height of 1.00m. These modules are stacked to obtain heights of 2.00 m,

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    Transparent Noise Barriers

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    Material Properties

    Resistance to Abrasion PmB is highly resistant to abrasion and protects against wear, this increases the longevity of the structure and reduces replacement costs. Adhesion PmB bonds exceptionally to both concrete and steel substrates. On site testing confirms that the PmB bond to concrete even surpasses the strength of concrete. Crack Bridging Elastic properties of

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    Odotechniki in co-operation with Pitchmastic PmB and BAYTEC, pioneers of effective durable waterproofing systems, offer a full range of products and services in the construction industry for protection against moisture and chemical corrosion. Blueshield PmB is such a system, and ideal for waterproofing all types of structures, e.g., concrete, steel, wooden, aluminium  and has a

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    Electrical utility group

    V&S UTILITIES specialise in the market requirements of the electrical utility industry. The group is composed of three companies that supply specific structures and services to the market place. V&S Schuler Engineering, founded in 1939, and based in Canton, Ohio, is a structural steel fabricator. Their products range include lattice transmission structures and all type

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    Total building solutions

    HILL & SMITH GROUP –Total building solutions REDMAN FISHER ENGINEERING LTD is the leading UK manufacturer of secondary steelwork, open grid flooring and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) industrial product applications. Total solutions for platforms, walkways, handrailing, stair treads, metalwork, steelwork in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and GRP are offered to suit existing or new

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    Reinforcement solutions

    Reinforcement solutions – HILL & SMITH GROUP EXPRESS REINFORCEMENTS LTD, a part of the HILL & SMITH GROUP, is the leading reinforcement company in the UK. They specialise in supplying a wide range of reinforcement solutions to the construction industry. EXPRESS REINFORCEMENTS offers a comprehensive range of reinforcement products and services, including cut and bent

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    Galvanizing solutions

    Galvanizing solutions – HILL & SMITH GROUP With more than 100 years continuous trading, JOSEPH ASH GALVANIZING is probably the best known galvanizing service provider in the UK with currently 8 sites located in Derbyshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, the Midlands, South Wales and the South East. The specific focus on finished quality and the delivery of

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    New visions to light the way

    HILL & SMITH GROUP –New visions to light the way MALLATITE LTD is a well established leading manufacturer and distributor of lighting columns, traffic signal and sign posts. An on-site galvanizing plant gives the company a manufacturing advantage over competitors, offering a complete range of galvanized steel lighting columns – tubular, octagonal or conical. This

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    Demountable car park system

    HILL & SMITH GROUP – Demountable car park system Top Deck is a demountable car parking deck that can be erected in a matter of days. This innovative, modular steel system is safe and easy-to-use. The use of the industry standard 2.4 metre bay format allows it to mirror existing car park configurations which, together

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    Intelligent traffic information systems

    HILL & SMITH GROUP –Intelligent traffic information systems CA TRAFFIC provide a wide range of technological solutions, services and software to enable accurate data collection for the dynamic traffic environment. Company’s Traffic Data Collection products include Inductive Loop Monitoring, Radar Speed monitoring and the tube based EVR. CA also recently launched two new products: Visitech.

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    Route guidance and information

    HILL & SMITH GROUP – Route guidance and information TECHSPAN SYSTEMS is a leading specialist in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of Electronic Variable Message Signs and associated systems. The company offers complete and cost effective signage systems for highway and urban environments. This innovative company has developed technologies that can be used for

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    Sewerage, drainage and flood relief solutions

     HILL & SMITH GROUP – Sewerage, drainage and flood relief solutions ASSET INTERNATIONAL LTD manufacture Weholite HDPE pipe under license from KWH Pipes Limited of Finland, at their modern manufacturing facility in Newport. ASSET INTERNATIONAL provide a comprehensive range of products and services for construction and related industries. Product applications include storm water attenuation, sewers,

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    Storage tank solutions

    HILL & SMITH GROUP- Storage tank solutions JA ENVIROTANKS has a rich history 150 years in tank manufacturing, supplying to UK sites, Europe and other parts of the globe. JA ENVIROTANKS specialises in providing 21st century environmental solutions for the storage of diesel, oils, fuels, chemicals, paints, inks, resins, water and many other liquids. Their

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    Specialist building products manufacturer

    HILL & SMITH GROUP – Specialist building products manufacturer  BIRTLEY BUILDING PRODUCTS LTD is a well-known and progressive company within the construction industry. Based in County Durham, this extensive site has benefitted from significant investment, housing not only one of the most modern galvanizing facilities in Europe, but is the only galvanizing facility within a

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    International pipe supports provider

    HILL & SMITH GROUP – International pipe supports provider Founded in 1968, PIPE SUPPORTS GROUP LTD design and manufactures a comprehensive range of pipe supports for the petro-chemical, power, process and gas industries. Variable and constant effort supports are supplied with a wide range of ancillary items and slide bearings, as well as dynamic restraints,

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    Perimeter security systems

    A market leading manufacturer of perimeter security systems BARKERS FENCING is ISO 9001:2000 accredited members of GAABA (Gate Automation and Access Barrier Association) and offers a unique start-to-finish package with on-site manufacturing, galvanizing and a state-of-the-art powder coating plant. BARKERS’ team of skilled and experienced professionals, whose attention to detail, quality and service is unrivalled

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    FREYSSINET – CIPEC Expansion Joints

    CIPEC expansion joints are designed to enable continuous traffic between two structures, accommodating structural movements due to creep, shrinkage effects, temperature variations and deformations under live load. They are suitable for all reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, composite and steel structures, and particularly for bridge decks. CIPEC expansion joints are also designed to allow sufficient vertical

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    FREYSSINET- Seismic Devices

    The protection of structures subject from the risk of earthquakes only really began in the middle of the 20th century. In the majority of cases, structures used passive protection such as shear walls in buildings or even protection based on the plastification of elements chosen in advance for bridges. Even though this type of protection

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    Elastomeric Bearings

    A Laminated elastomeric bearing is an elastomeric rubber block reinforced with steel plates vulcanised when built. This bearing is the connection between a structure and its support, and should make the following possible through elastic deformation: transmission of normal forces horizontal movements rotation of the structure in any direction transmission of horizontal forces, within defined

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    Tetron Spherical Bearings S3

    FREYSSINET – SPHERICAL ‘S3’ Bearings are advanced and sophisticated support components, offering complete structural freedom in terms of rotation and horizontal sliding. All Freyssinet bearings are manufactured in accordance with BS 5400: Section 9.2:1983. Material specifications Tetron ‘S3’ bases and rockers use maintenance-free aluminium alloy. Sliding plates are made of structural steel, faced with high

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    Tetron Disc

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    TechSpan – Precast Arch Systems

    Segmental precast concrete TechSpan® arches offer proven reliable and cost effective solutions by producing a custom made engineered product in which the design is a function of site specific requirements. The TechSpan® three pinned arch system is simple and quick to erect with minimal or no traffic disruption beneath the arch. Additionally, sections of the

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    Modular Block Walls – Freyssinet

    Mechanically Stabilised Earth Modular Block Walls Freyssinet Engineered for Aesthetics & Cost Effectiveness Reinforced Soil was originally invented by Henri Vidal in the early 1960’s.  Since this time many variations  have evolved. The total surface area of projects completed is growing at  an impressive rate. The surface area of completed projects globally exceeds ten million

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    Reinforced Earth

    Reinforced Earth and Freyssisol, ideal for building land-based or submerged retaining structures, are widely used throughout the world: walls, bridge abutments, storage facilities, protective barriers, etc. Principle The principle is simple, thanks to the substantial developed frictional force between soil particles and reinforcements when they come into contact, the combination of suitably distributed reinforcements and

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    FREYSSINET – Slabstress

    When Eugene Freyssinet developed and patented the technique of prestressing concrete in 1928, he little realised the applications to which his invention would be put in future years. Freyssinet introduced the concept of post-tensioned buildings to the UK in the 1970s with the launch of the Slabstress system. Since then thousands of square meters of

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    FREYSSINET – C Range

    The new Freyssinet C Range post-tensioning system has been developed as an answer to modern civil engineering requirements. The prime characteristic of the C range is compactness. The C range is the outcome of more than fifty years of experience in post-tensioning systems. Tendon sizes ranging from 3 to 55.15 mm diameter strands are available.

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    FREYSSINET – The inventor of the multistrand stay cable

    A parallel strand system: Freyssinet invented the robust and flexible multistrand parallel system in 1976. The Freyssinet HD stay cable is based on each strand being completely independent. This principle has many advantages, including: • installation and tensioning of each strand individually; • individual protection against corrosion; • individual removal and replacement if needed. The standard range

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