The new Freyssinet C Range post-tensioning system has been developed as an answer to modern civil engineering requirements. The prime characteristic of the C range is compactness.
The C range is the outcome of more than fifty years of experience in post-tensioning systems.

Tendon sizes ranging from 3 to 55.15 mm diameter strands are available.

There is a large amount of other detailed technical literature — such as specific data sheets,
special applications for 13 mm diameter strands, or smaller units — which may be made available.


The C range multistrand system possesses the following main features and characteristics:

■ Versatility

The system is designed for a large range of applications with the same type of anchorages:

use of all internationally available sizes and grades of 15 mmstrands, including galvanized and unbonded strands
application to internal and external prestressing:



removable and adjustable,

removable, adjustable and detensionable.

■ Compactness

Very compact anchorages diffuse better the prestressing forces into the concrete, allowing for a more efficient design by:
• reducing web thicknesses in beams and box girders, blistersand ribs;
• allowing for a concentration of anchorages at the end zones;
• a reduction of the dimensions of prestressing anchor blocks, with minimum strand deviations.

■ Lightweight jacking equipment

The lightweight compact and automatic C jacks allow for:
• a reduction of the prestressing anchorage recesses thanks to the compact jack noses;
• reduced distances to walls leading to the reduction of the parasitic moments and therefore of the required reinforcement, enabling an easier placing of concrete;
• improving the site conditions, such as handling and stressing.