FREYSSINET – CIPEC Expansion Joints

CIPEC expansion joints are designed to enable continuous traffic between two structures, accommodating structural movements due to creep, shrinkage effects, temperature variations and deformations under live load.
They are suitable for all reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, composite and steel structures, and particularly for bridge decks.
CIPEC expansion joints are also designed to allow sufficient vertical movement so that bearings can be replaced without needing to disassemble the expansion joint.

They enable drainage of runoff water and are designed to minimize traffic noise.


The CIPEC range of expansion joints offers a suitable solution for all movements from 30 to 1000 mm, regardless the structure on which they are to be fitted, installation and operating conditions.

The range includes:

  • small movement expansionjoints (JEP, WR and WOSd);
  • medium movement expansionjoints (Wd);
  • large movement expansionjoints (WP).
  • It also includes car parkjoints in the CIMAC family.


Road expansion joints resist sustained loads due to continuously increasing road traffic. They are also directly exposed to pollution, oil and dissolved road deicing salt.

The design of CIPEC road expansion joints and the characteristics of the materials used are optimised to resist all these aggressions, and have a remarkably long life.