FREYSSINET – Slabstress

When Eugene Freyssinet developed and patented the technique of prestressing concrete in 1928, he little realised the applications to which his invention would be put in future years. Freyssinet introduced the concept of post-tensioned buildings to the UK in the 1970s with the launch of the Slabstress system. Since then thousands of square meters of suspended and ground bearing slabs have been completed utilising the system for projects as diverse as:

Offices,  Car Parks, Schools and Universities, Shopping Centres, Reservoirs, High Bay Distribution Warehouses, Sports Halls, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Facilities, Places of Worship, Apartment Buildings, Hotels and Airports.

Technical Assistance

Freyssinet has an in-house design department staffed by qualified engineers with experience in post-tensioned building design. This team is happy to assist clients architects, engineers and contractors with:

Scheme design, Budget estimate, Detailed design, Vibration analysis of floor plates, Working (shop) drawings, Provision of method statements, Specifications and risk assessments etc

Site Service

Freyssinet offers a full supply and installation service including:

Supply of post-tensioning materials, Supply of reinforcement, Installation of post tensioning and reinforcement, Stressing, Cutting off tendon surplus,Grouting, Forming and concreting slabs on grade

Quality Assurance

Freyssinet is a quality assured company according to BS EN ISG9001: 1994. Design, manufacture and site works are strictly controlled to ensure optimum efficiency and premium quality.

Additionally, Freyssinet is registered under the CARES post tensioning scheme. Anchorages are tested in accordance with BS4447 “The performance of prestressing anchorages for post-tensioned construction” to ensure safe and reliable operation.