Galvanizing solutions

Galvanizing solutions – HILL & SMITH GROUP

With more than 100 years continuous trading, JOSEPH ASH GALVANIZING is probably the best known galvanizing service provider in the UK with currently 8 sites located in Derbyshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, the Midlands, South Wales and the South East.

The specific focus on finished quality and the delivery of high levels of customer service is ensuring JOSEPH ASH remains at the forefront of the general galvanizing sector.

With plant capacities able to process a wide range of products from fasteners through to large structural sections, JOSEPH ASH is confident in its ability to service the requirements of all customers.

All galvanizing supplied by JOSEPH ASH conforms fully to the coating requirements of BS EN ISO 1461 (1999) and is further quality assured to BS EN ISO 9000 specifications.

HILL & SMITH GROUP – Hot dip galvanizing

VOIGT & SCHWEITZER, INC. has been the leader in the American Hot Dip Galvanizing industry to a wide range of projects in the US marketplace. Six facilities are strategically located in the Midwest and Northeastern part of the country, with each plant complementing the abilities of the others.

This year will see the newest location near New Castle, Delaware, giving V&S INC. the opportunity to completely service the eastern seaboard including, Washington D.C., Boston and New York. V&S INC. is a “Full Service” operation that can accommodate all areas of corrosion protection on a construction project.

From working in the early stages with the architect and owner to delivery of the material and overseeing the job site V&S INC. has been the galvanizer contractors prefer for galvanizing needs.

V&S INC. offers the ability to galvanize some of the largest structures in the United States, but are equally known for their work in the fastener industry, working with internationally known companies and small local miscellaneous steel fabricators as well.

The key to the success of V&S INC. has been the “value added” services such as painting, transportation, assembly and packaging.

HILL & SMITH GROUP – Galvanizing Solutions

FRANCE GALVA is headquartered in Saint Florentin and employs 750 people. It is France’s leading galvanizing group, processing over 180,000 metric tones of steel every year. FRANCE GALVA delivers added value through sophisticated storage and logistic systems, providing completion works and delivering direct to site. Their plants also offer customers a tailor-made service, and are always keen to discuss special projects.

FRANCE GALVA specialises in three areas of the market :

  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Fabrication of lamp posts and public lighting columns
  • Painting and powder-coating of galvanized steel

Individual solutions, continuously developing knowledge and a global approach to the design and protection of metal, makes FRANCE GALVA’s network  production capacities unique.

The extended network of the group is easily accessible and covers an impressive range of services in surface treatments, including Hot Dip Galvanizing and painting of all types of galvanized steel.

Additional activities bringing added value to the company includes the development of storage and logistic systems, completion works, distribution and tailored works collectively ensuring a complete range of made-to-measure services.