New visions to light the way

HILL & SMITH GROUP –New visions to light the way

MALLATITE LTD is a well established leading manufacturer and distributor of lighting columns, traffic signal and sign posts. An on-site galvanizing plant gives the company a manufacturing advantage over competitors, offering a complete range of galvanized steel lighting columns – tubular, octagonal or conical. This enables fulfilment of diverse demands and market requirements.

MALLATITE offer an unrivalled range of protective systems for the columns available to customers. In addition a new coating facility has recently and successfully been installed which improves both the quality and speed of manufacture of the market leading Thermoplastic Coating System. This system offers improved long-term protection for galvanized steel against harsh climates without damage to the environment.

MALLATITE also offer a range of aluminium columns, which are made from recycled material and are completely recyclable at the end of life. Aluminium, due to its relatively lightweight properties, provides the customer with improved handling safety.

The range of products also includes Passive Safety Columns which reduces the risks involved during a collision. MALLATITE also supply an extensive range of street lighting equipment, including luminaries and control gear.

Lighting column solutions

CONIMAST INTERNATIONAL, a specialist in Highmast Columns, is based in Saint-Florentin on a 12 hectares site.

CONIMAST offers a total of 2,500 standard products, 7,000 specific and 42 decorative. The specific products represent 40% of the volume of the business.
For the decorative line, CONIMAST collaborates with designers and architects from across the country. The latest decorative products developed in 2007 are the Lumifil, Saint Pierre, Lifou, Slazie and Scolem.

Conimast Lumifil is the perfect solution for city entrances, roundabouts, express roads or walkways. The stylish silhouette of the extensive range offers wide possibilities to planners wanting to make a design statement or beautiful landscape. The hot dipped galvanized or painted round conical steel poles are available in a single or double crosse style.

The company’s strengths are reaction to customer requirements, quality, delivery on time, after sales support, technical assistance and anti-corrosion warranty which allows CONIMAST to rapidly respond better than its competitors.