Perimeter security systems

A market leading manufacturer of perimeter security systems

BARKERS FENCING is ISO 9001:2000 accredited members of GAABA (Gate Automation and Access Barrier Association) and offers a unique start-to-finish package with on-site manufacturing, galvanizing and a state-of-the-art powder coating plant. BARKERS’ team
of skilled and experienced professionals, whose attention to detail, quality and service is unrivalled in the industry, are available to assist with the completion of tendering and proposal documents if required.

SecureGuard358 Mesh System – Perfectly suited for high security applications. This high performance system is designed
for demanding applications and provides excellent see-through visibility and the ultimate protection against anti-climb and
cut-through. Additional security features can be added including CCTV, detection and electrified fencing.

Barkers Palisade Fencing – Renowned for its strong and durable construction, providing excellent anti-climb and
cut-through features with excellent protection against trespassers.

Barkers Sports Fencing – The Sports Fencing range offers a choice of low, medium or high impact fencing for multi-use games areas. All fencing in the sports range is constructed from mesh panels with high see-through visibility and anti-vibration PROFIX clamps, providing a smooth and flush detail, while offering protection against personal injury and product damage.

Cantilever Gates – Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic gate systems are available, with an extensive choice of widths and heights and an almost endless array of infills. The fully automatic Cantilever Gate can be controlled using various access control systems including remote control key fobs, card swipes or intercom systems, and are suitable for general or high security sites. All of BARKERS’ Cantilever Gates are delivered assembled and ready for installation and can be tailor-made to satisfy individual security requirements.

Interceptor – A maximum-security access control gate. Alongside Bristorm, the anti-terrorist fence system, the two offer the ultimate defence against hostile attacks. Fully manufactured in the UK, they can be tailor-made to satisfy individual security requirements and are suitable for all locations that require maximum protection.