Soil Erosion / Greenfix Mulchmat


Since 1984, SOILTEC has been at the forefront of erosion control and soil stabilization, pioneering the use of natural biodegradable materials in Greenfix range of products. Our commitment to environmentally friendly solutions has led us to utilize materials such as Barley Straw, Coir, Jute, and Wool to address erosion control and soil stabilization challenges.

The Greenfix products have gained global recognition and are widely used in the construction, civil engineering, and landscape industries. With extensive expertise, have been developed a pioneering range of products that have revolutionized approaches to soil stabilization. With dedication to erosion control and soil stabilization has driven SOILTEC to develop innovative methods and applications to address a wide range of challenges in this field.

At SOILTEC, they are committed to providing effective and sustainable solutions for erosion control and soil stabilization. Products and methods are designed to tackle every type of erosion control and soil stabilization problem, ensuring the preservation and stability of soil in various environments.