Storage tank solutions

HILL & SMITH GROUP- Storage tank solutions

JA ENVIROTANKS has a rich history 150 years in tank manufacturing, supplying to UK sites, Europe and other parts of the globe. JA ENVIROTANKS specialises in providing 21st century environmental solutions for the storage of diesel, oils, fuels, chemicals, paints, inks, resins, water and many other liquids. Their tanks are designed to meet the specific requirements of different industries.

JA ENVIROTANKS core brand “The Envirotank” is a secondary contained tank in tank enclosed bunded solution for the storage of fuels, oils and chemicals. Available as rectangular or cylindrical tanks for above ground, vertical or horizontal installation.

Modern and flexible manufacturing facilities are configured for efficient mass production of all tank types concurrently. Providing Enclosed Bunded Envirotanks up to 150,000 litres that meet the Control of Pollution Regulations for the UK, JA ENVIROTANKS are licensed by OFTEC to OFS T200.

A complete turnkey solution is provided by the Birmingham factory including pumps, gauging, alarms, fuel management, valves and pipework. Electrically complete, commissioning can be achieved within hours of delivery on site. For buried applications double-skinned underground cylindrical Envirotanks are manufactured with electronic leak detection for monitoring the interstitial space between the inner and outer tank. Double skinned fuel tanks are available as standard sizes up to 100,000 litres capacity and 3,000mm diameter.