TechSpan – Precast Arch Systems

Segmental precast concrete TechSpan® arches offer proven reliable and cost effective solutions by producing a custom made engineered product in which the design is a function of site specific requirements. The TechSpan® three pinned arch system is simple and quick to erect with minimal or no traffic disruption beneath the arch. Additionally, sections of the structure can be phased into operation whilst the remainder of the arch is completed.When used in conjunction with other Reinforced Earth™ systems, the arch backfilling operations can be combined with the construction of headwalls and wingwalls. Significant material and transport savings can be made over conventional structures, whilst still giving the same effective span and rise of the conforming scheme.


  • Speed of construction
  • Water culverts
  • Road and rail bridges
  • Mining and industrial access tunnels
  • Environmental underpass schemes

Simple, rapid and safe construction. With less disruption to traffic over live road and rail reducing the costs of expensive closures.
State of the art design methods allow optimisation of arch geometry to reduce costs and minimise in-service bending moments. Higher quality control of precast elements over cast in-situ. Versatile and unique precasting methods, allowing various shapes to be cast improving aesthetics and lowering costs.No scaffolding orformwork requirements. Comprehensive technical design service and professional construction

Optional portal geometry, oblique and truncated ends.May be used in combination with other Reinforced Earth™ techniques and products to provide a total project solution. Removes the need for costly maintenance when used as an alternative to rigid frame conventional bridges.

The innovative aspect of TechSpan ®  is to utilise a precast product with a sophisticated and individual design approach, incorporating a search for the optimum arch geometry, individually suited to the various loading situations for each structure. The arch is designed by a finite element method, including checks on all construction stages.

TechSpan® projects are rigorously analysed and strategically planned by our project team to ensure every opportunity is taken to reduce costs and programme time. Spans of over 20 metres and fills of up to 35 metres are achievable over the arch.

TechSpan® is built by assembling the prefabricated concrete elements in a staggered and symmetrical manner, such that the elements support each other during erection and backfilling sequences. The procedure allows a rapid and safe installation, reducing the disruption to the flow of traffic, which proves especially efficient for railway or hydraulic applications.

TechSpan® elements locate into a keyway cast in a simple foundation. There is minimal need for in-situ work after the elements are erected and, due to their form, TechSpan® arches are easier to waterproof than more conventional structures.

TechSpan® elements are used for other innovative solutions such as bridge strengthening schemes and as permanent formwork systems, which avoid traffic disruption and costly re-routing of services within the bridge deck.

Thousands of TechSpan® arch structures are currently in service worldwide, These unique structures stand as testimonials to project programme reductions and cost savings.