Wooden Noise Barriers


The absorbing barrier is particularly recommended whenever the installation of a sound barrier risks creating a “resonance box” or when the sound returned by the barrier causes further problems.
Absorbing barriers come in standard modules of 4.00m in length for a height of 1.00m.
These modules are stacked to obtain heights of 2.00 m, 3.00 m and 4.00 m.
The panels are covered in open latticework on the traffic side and positioned alternately at 45° right/left, and with a planed surface of planks arranged vertically on the resident side.
The panels slide into HEA-type galvanized steel posts, the size of which depends on the height of the panel and the “snow-wind region”.

Acoustic absorption DLalpha = 9 dBA
Insulation against aerial noises DLr = 31 dBA

All TERTU wooden screens have been tested according to standard EN 1793 by the Laboratoire Européen D’essais acoustiquede CSTB (CSTB European laboratory for acoustic testing), Marne la Vallée.

Absorbing sound barrier performance Brochure
Reflecting sound barrier performance Brochure