VALTIR Crash Cushions


Valtir is an industry leader in the guardrail and end treatment business, and take several important steps to ensure the manufacturing of outstanding highway products.

To stay at the forefront of innovation, Valtir collaborates with a diverse group of outside investors and transportation research institutions, leveraging the latest available technology. This allows the company to offer exciting new products, including energy-absorbing devices that are accepted for use worldwide.

Valtir’s sales and marketing teams work closely with each state’s Department of Transportation and toll road authority. Providing support in the product approval and specification process, ensuring alignment with local requirements. Once approved, specified, and contracted, they initiate the manufacturing process at one of the several highway safety manufacturing facilities.

To guarantee product safety and performance, Valtir collaborates with independent test facilities for crash tests. These tests are conducted to meet the requirements set by the Federal Highway Administration, specifically NCHRP-350 standards. The results of these tests are then presented to the Federal Highway Administration for review and acceptance, enabling their use on the National Highway System.

With increasing highway safety concerns worldwide, many countries are committing to improving conditions for their driving public. Valtir is dedicated to provide innovative solutions that address these concerns and contribute to safer road environments globally.