Odotechniki in co-operation with Pitchmastic PmB and BAYTEC, pioneers of effective durable waterproofing systems, offer a full range of products and services in the construction industry for protection against moisture and chemical corrosion.

Blueshield PmB is such a system, and ideal for waterproofing all types of structures, e.g., concrete, steel, wooden, aluminium  and has a vast range of applications, including bridge decks, roof slabs, swimming pools, planters, green roofs, expansion joints, floors, balconies, underground car parks, tunnels, basement tanking, bathrooms, wet rooms etc.

Globally, over 12 million square meters of Blueshield PmB have been installed to date, including 11,000 bridges, and also 140,000 m2 installed by ODOTECHNIKI in Cyprus.

The Blueshield PmB system offers several advantages. It allows pedestrian traffic within 30 minutes of application, vehicular traffic within two hours, and asphalt overlay within four hours.

Herebelow are some basic Characteristics and information for the Blueshield PmB waterproofing system:

  • Liquid PU (100% hybrid polyurea) by Pitchmastic- Bayer (PmB)
  • Elongation 300%,
  • Pure without additives or fillers, hence it has not presented any ageing of its technical properties since 1967 when initially used by Bayer.
  • Two components, with rapid gelling (2-5 seconds)
  • Spray applied, seamless , without any joints, follows difficult contoured surfaces
  • Exclussive installation by the manufacturer’s specialized spray plant and only by our specialized approved teams
  • Checked at 11,000V dc, before handover
  • Warranted for 20 years
  • Single Point Application, Assurance and Warranty (by Pitchmastic PmB and Odotechniki).

Odotechniki – Blueshield-PmB Leaflet