Wooden Guardrails-TERTU

TERTU is a global leader in manufacturing high-quality wooden infrastructure products that comply with European Norms. The product range is divided into three main categories: Safety, Protections, and Crossings. These categories include a variety of products such as sound barriers, guardrails, pedestrian crossings, gangways, and decking.

To ensure the highest quality, TERTU source Douglas Fir logs from own property and other forests in France. Douglas Fir is the preferred specie due to its globally recognised qualities, which provide a firm guarantee of durability for all products.

Production factory is equipped with advanced technology machinery, including two German milling machines and a planer. In addition to the renowned wooden guardrails, we are licensed to produce sound barriers, fencing, and other wooden infrastructure products.

With the exception of the “Douglas Heart” range, all products undergo pressure treatment in an autoclave using a computerized process, in full conformity with the current European standards. It is important to note that all systems have been tested to meet the requirements of EN 1317-2.

To ensure the efficiency of the pressure treatment process, company conducts systematic controls through an external body using on-site sampling methods. As a testament to quality, all wooden products pressure treated at TERTU’s facility come with a ten-year guarantee.